You Tube Advertising

You Tube Advertising

With over 100 hours of video uploaded per minute and more than 1 billion unique visits per month, no one doubts that there’s an audience on YouTube. How do you go about engaging the users who could be interested in your products, and how do you sift through the vast amount of content to find the videos relevant to your brand?

Over the last few years Google has been investing heavily in original content and new channels on YouTube with the result that there is now a significant amount of high quality content for advertisers to show their adverts against. Increasingly YouTube is also being used as the medium for live streaming events which is opening up a professional market on the platform. Whatever your market there will be a community on YouTube creating content that is relevant to you, and people wanting to watch it.

Look Mum, I’m on TV

Advertising on YouTube is flexible depending on your goals, offering both cost per view and traditional display buying options. This means that YouTube is a good fit whatever your budget; from vast brand campaigns featuring pre-roll ads and homepage takeovers, to much smaller campaigns focusing on YouTube search and remarketing, and working to a tight ROI. If you’ve got a video, you should be using it to advertise on YouTube in some format. It really is that simple.

Show me the money

We’re not sure if it’s because YouTube feels a bit like TV, but there’s still an assumption that YouTube is good for getting exposure for your Brand, but not so good for driving a strong return on investment. This simply isn’t the case. In fact, we’ve produced a case study to prove it to you. If you’re keen to find how to turn a profit on YouTube please take a look or get in touch.

A very particular set of skills

We get fantastic, rich data about campaign performance on YouTube in real time, which our background as Search advertising specialists means we’re well prepared for. We also get a huge array of tools to help us target the most relevant content and users on the platform. This means that there is just as much scope to optimise around performance as there is for Search, and just as many opportunities to create clever campaigns that make geeks like us get pretty excited.

We’re in our natural element on YouTube, and we’d love to show you what we can do. Get in touch if you want to discuss how to make the most out of YouTube, find out what we’ve been watching recently.

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