Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Small scale, highly targeted display campaigns that let you get a flavour for what this medium can do for you. An amuse-bouche if you will.

Target based on demographic data, interests, previous search or browsing behaviour, keywords or page content – the world is (almost) your oyster!

We get the best out of Google's Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) can be a minefield if campaigns are not set up correctly or monitored frequently and it's easy to waste huge sums of money very quickly. Our display campaign specialists will ensure that your budget is only spent on highly targeted, quality traffic, constantly adapting our strategy over the duration of the campaign. This way, we can squeeze out the highest ROI for you, whether using text, image or video ads.

If you’re a display novice then this is the best place to start; no minimum budgets, simple targeting options and complete visibility on where your ads are being shown. Add in comprehensive targeting features and you’ve got an opportunity that’s right for almost all advertisers.

Get in touch to discuss what we’d propose for you, or if you think you’re already a GDN Jedi, check out some larger scale targeting.

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