Clever Remarketing Campaigns

On average only 2% of people will convert on a first visit to a site. Make sure you don’t lose them forever by implementing an effective remarketing strategy.

We know that you are likely to have been happily browsing your favourite site recently and suddenly seen an image of that snazzy TV / dress / toilet brush you were looking at a couple of days before on another site. Are you in a sci-fi film and your computer suddenly knows you and what you want and need?! No (although that does sound COOL) – this is a form of remarketing.

How Does It Work

Remarketing campaigns allow us to show ads across display exchanges targeted specifically to users who have already visited your website.

Remarketing ads are served via display networks via either Google Display Network or a real time bidding platform across multiple exchanges. You build ‘audiences’ based on areas or pages of the site that have been viewed, and these audiences are then shown ads on websites that are part of the networks we can target.

There are endless possibilities for enticing users back to your website to complete the desired actions on site. For example, you may want to target users who have been to a page in the checkout process, but not yet purchased. Or you may want to target past customers when you’ve got a new product or service offering or there’s a change in seasonality.

Got a sale launching? Tell your previous customers about it, whether they’ve purchased or not! Remarketing audiences are already familiar with your brand and are the most likely people to convert via a remarketing ad.

Our clever Google Analytics bods have even spotted that Remarketing is often seen in the middle of a visitors path to conversion – so think about whether you can use Remarketing as a communication tool.

It's crucial that the remarketing ads you serve are targeted appropriately, and the messaging within these ads can vary based on the audience lists we create. For example, you may want to serve an ad with a very strong call to action which calls out your unique selling points, and even include a special offer for users who have just recently been on your website (even as close as one hour ago!). While this ad may be perfect for a recent visitor, users who have been to the site longer than 30 days ago may benefit from a gentle reminder as to who you are as a company and what you have to offer. Either way we will ensure the most effective messaging is presented to the appropriate audience to maximise performance of your remarketing campaign.

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