Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding (RTB) offers a display platform comparable to search, with the opportunity to shape advertising at a user level. With over 800m+ unique URLs to show ads on, this is the route to go down if you’re looking to increase brand exposure and get more traffic from high quality display exchanges. Expect performance to improve the longer it runs through fine-tuning of the campaign.

Focus on targeting

Targeting based on key indicators of interest allows us to evolve and optimise based on true conversion data in real time. Critical to the success of any RTB platform is how user interest is targeted, and this is our focus. Through the use of overlapping filters, the inclusion of external data sets, lookalike modelling and the remarketing cookie, targeting based on the highest level intent can be achieved via display.

We realise this may sound slightly complicated but we’d be happy to explain it to you in more detail sometime!

Huge ad inventory

RTB display campaigns give advertisers access to display ad inventory across ad exchanges comprising 800m+ unique URLs, while using data to target the right audiences and placements and optimizing bids in real-time for maximum campaign performance. This type of campaign is relevant for companies who are looking to increase their reach and volume via high quality display exchanges.

The RTB auction

We work with one of the best phone call tracking providers around. They will give you the data you need and can integrate with your web analytics software too.

Futures Galore

Real time bidding does what it says on the tin. This function allows us to bid for placements the instant they become available for auction. As soon as a user visits a webpage the exchange announces to the bid manager of the available impression to bid on. The bid manager considers the targeting methods the advertiser is interested in, and if there’s a match will bid what the advertiser values worthy for that placement and/or audience. The winning exchange then serves an ad to the appropriate audience. This entire process takes place in just 100 milliseconds which has changed the display advertising game.

RTB with Globalad 24x7

CWS can build and run RTB display campaigns which focus on:

Targeting the right customers at the right moment

Using 1st and 3rd party data, we will segment by specific audiences, meaning we can serve ads to the most targeted audience available based on their demographics, behaviour, location, and interests. This combination of audience and placement targeting means campaigns ads are only served when the best targeting combinations are available.

Ensuring brand safety

We'll identify the most relevant placements for your brand and can choose appropriate levels of brand safety to filter various types of sites. We can arrange direct deals with publishers and run the ads through our chosen platform to allow for synchronised optimisation and reporting.

Reporting with full transparency

We provide complete visibility of where ads run and how they perform and the exact cost associated with the media and data purchase.

Budgeting, optimising and managing creative all through one platform

Using one synchronised platform allows us to be much more flexible with your display budgets and allows optimisation across an enormous range of inventory. Real-time bidding means we use results to flexibly maximise your budget based on performance. Video, rich-media, expandable and standard display ads are all supported.

Get in touch Contact us today to find out more about real-time bidding and how we can help.

Contact us today to find out more about real-time bidding and how we can help.

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