Phone Call Tracking

Phone Call Tracking

Setting up conversion tracking on a website is standard for most online businesses, but in many industries the key research or purchase action takes place over the phone. With our phone call tracking partners, you can understand how many calls you are getting and which traffic sources and keywords are driving them. We can even tell you which pages of your site are viewed prior to a visitor making a call.

Phone Call Tracking Providers

We work with one of the best phone call tracking providers around. They will give you the data you need and can integrate with your web analytics software too.

Futures Galore

Our call tracking solution requires that you add a bit of code to the pages on your site. From there, everything is handled behind the scenes with some whizzy dynamic Javascript. Pricing involves a monthly fee in addition to some small per-call charges. There are plenty of bells & whistles too (e.g. call recording, sales value tracking, offline call tracking and missed call alerts).

The service has it's own snazzy interface, but you will also see much of the data within Google Analytics and therefore also in AdWords, allowing more precise and efficient management of your PPC campaign. This makes your campaign manager smile as they have more data with which to improve your campaign; and your web analyst smile as they have more data to analyse.

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Now you’ve heard about our great low-cost solution to help you track all calls generated on your site, there’s no reason not to be doing it. If you’d like advice on getting started, give us a call and one of these lovely people will help you out.

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