Software development

Software development

At Creative Weblink Solution, we make software that best suits your business community. Be it a small enterprise or MNC, we have the right solutions to your needs. Our large pool of techies will give you the best solutions to all your IT needs. Creative Weblink Solution offers software development services that can help your business deal with issues like client satisfaction, network security, database integration, and user management, among others. We use technologies like PHP, ASP, .Net, Web 2.0, etc to develop an impelling user interface, and softwares like MySQL, MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, etc to manage tailor-made database for an application's back-end operations. The integration of these applications rakes in better prospects for your businesses. As a service provider, Creative Weblink Soltuion has developed the following software for its clients:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) -
  • Cater to the problems and queries of your potential customers/clients.

  • CMS (Content Management Systems) –
  • Manage the content of your site using an application that can easily add, delete, or edit existing write-ups on your application.

  • SMS (Stock Management System) -
  • As an online retailer, keep an account of your stock, with easily tractable references to purchases, sales, leftovers, stock returns, etc.

  • LMS (Lead Management System) -
  • Automated process to record the number and details of leads generated on your application. It helps you trace a prospective customer and eventually coerce him into making a purchase.

  • Chat rooms -
  • Enhance your mode of professional communication through customized video or text-message chatting.

  • Packaging Software -
  • Used for processing of loan and mortgage applications. Apart from these highly sought-after applications, we also develop Centralized Databases that can serve as an information bank for companies, helping them with readily-available data any time. We also develop Extranet and Intranet for clients, helping them keep a tab on all kinds of business transactions, both inside and outside their organization.

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